"Open the door to Elizabeth Munro's

industrial studio and spot the large,

graphic product to match:

buckets of sunflowers, stark white

lilies and bunches of lemon leaves.

Her romantic rose formations

and contemporary containers stuffed

with calla lilies could have come from

the pages of Martha Stewart Living.

But what customers keep coming

back for are Munro's lush arrangements

stuffed with ivy, magnolia and citrus leaves."

- Toronto Living


Elizabeth Munro works with seasonal,

high-end flowers, mostly imported

from Holland, carefully selecting colours

that complement the environment

they are destined for. Floral

arrangements come mainly in glass

vases but also in baskets, metal-cutting

buckets and ceramic containers.


We need a lot of visual beauty

especially in our Canadian climate

says florist Elisabeth Munro, as she

busies herself preparing a floral

arrangement for a client. Her designs

are very pretty, lush and have

that just-picked-from-the-garden effect.

"Florists are a service industry; its all

about client care the timing, organization,

execution, and interpreting

clients' needs," points out Elizabeth.



111E Queen St. East, Toronto ON M5C 1S2




M-F 9am to 5pm

How much:

From $60 and up for an arrangement or plant

Delivery area:


Lead time:

24 hours